Ruth Thompson Non Oz Books
February 28, 2002
nice little "Fairy Book" put out by Royal Baking Company, and written anonymously by Ruth Plumly Thompson. Beautiful full-color illustrations on every page by Charles Colly. Also verse and recipes. According to Pacific Book Auction, Billy in Bunbury came out in 1925, (Other Thompson Fairy Books came out as follows: The Little Gingerbread Main in 1923, The Comical Cruises of Captain Cooky in 1926, and The Prince of the Gelatin Isles in 1926). They are relatively rare, as they were Royal Baking "giveaways" and fragile, so not many survived. Billy in Bunbury is one of the rarest and is a nice addition to that Oz collector who has almost everything. 16 pages.
These perishable little goodies are hard to find in good condition. This copy in complete and in good overall condition. The staples are missing so the pages are no longer bound together, and there is some wrinkling to the pages as shown, but no staining. There is a little tear on the rear cover (about 2") from the rear staple point outward. Other than this, but book is quite clean and all illustrations are bright and beautiful. Price: $25. Contact

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