Collectible Oz related items
May 31, 2002
For Halloween in 1939, the Einson-Freeman Company issued 5 different paper masks capitalizing on the Wizard of Oz movie. Masks were also handed out by Santa in the toy department of a New York department store. The characters included Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, the Lion, and the Wizard. Patent #2021593

For something so fragile, the mask is in good condition. There is some light crinkling to the paper, about a 1/8" closed tear at the bridge of the nose, and some chipping at the base of her ringlets and chin. Also some small closed tears on edges. Both rubber band ear holders, with the Einson tags and patent numbers, are still present. One tag also says "copyright 1939, released by Loew's Incorporated". All in all, a nice and original Oz collectible.

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